11) Koen e ikimashyo

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Boku wa ongaku ga suki desu yo.
Koen e, koen e, ikimashyo!

You know, I really like music.
To the park, to the park let's go!

KOEN E IKIMASHYO - I wrote this one after taking Japanese for a year at Kenyon College.  Really complex sentence, right?*  Surprisingly, Japanese really lends itself to songwriting: the syllables are all very rhythmic and even.  There's no special story behind this one other than I had a lot of fun writing it and I wrote it less than a week after I wrote "Monsters."

*I actually sung it incorrectly.  The lyrics really are "koen de ikimashyo" but that would mean literally "let's do the going at the park!" or something equally confusing and nonsensical.  Conveniently, "e" is the more informal or colloquial "ni," both of which are the particle that marks "~to" as in "let's go TO the park."  Kinda reverse Engrish, no?

Mark: Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, shaker, patting, thumping the windowsill
Recorded in: Garageband
Microphone(s): SM58, SM57
When: Summer 2006
Where: Windowsill/Bench in Mark's room at his Mom's house in Bay Village, Ohio

Koen E Ikimashyo
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