12) 314 W. Elm Street

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(One, two, three four.)

And I just want to say
that we're gonna be adults soon,
we've gotta do adult things,
we've gotta take care of things,
we've gotta take care of ourselves,
we've gotta take care of the world,
we've gotta plant a garden.

(This summer why don't we plant a garden?)

314 W. Elm Street - This song was written when Drew and I had decided to take a year off and live together in Kent, Ohio for the summer before moving to Asheville, North Carolina.  This song is addressed to my future roommates and myself, who were all very excited to live together.  It's about growing up and taking responsibility and having a working relationship with the earth.  Funny enough, none of that actually happened when we moved to Kent.  We lived on the only street that Kent could claim as a ghetto, surrounded by crackheads and drunks and little kids with nothing to do except start feuds and steal one another's bikes, and mostly went to work, came home, and then got drunk off forties and sat on the a train bridge.  The garden?  Oh, we started it, for sure.  One of the first days we moved in we picked a plot, spent hours turning over the soil and getting the broken glass out of the ground, only to find that it was the one spot in our backyard that got light for only two hours of the day.  Also, for some reason, I used to have an aversion to writing songs to a click (a metronome) so I always had to record a track of myself counting off to start.  Also I'm pretty sure I'm holding a pick in my mouth while I'm counting.

Mark: Acoustic guitar, trumpet, stomping
Recorded in: GarageBand
When: Spring 2007
Where: 4th Floor Caples Dormitory, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio

314 W. Elm Street.
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