7) Alone together

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Even God won't save you now.
Even God won't save you now.
Cause the devil's gonna take you,
the devil's gonna take you,
the devil's gonna take you and show you around
from the highest peaks
to the lowest pits;
from the hottest fires
to the hardest grip.
He knows you all too well.
He's known you since before you were born;
he's known to you,
he's known to you,
he's you, he's you, he's you;
and then you see your real face.

was written in the summer of 2007 while Drew and I were living on West Elm Street in Kent, Ohio.  I had come home from my fry cook job at the A&W Drive-In to an empty house and took the opportunity to spread out my recording equipment on the dining room table.  I was listening to a lot of Animal Collective at the time, and I tried to emulate their sound on at least the first part of the track.  The title came to me just after I finished recording.  To be "Alone Together" is to be in the world and not of it; to be alienated at a party; to be so totally in love with someone that you feel that when you are with them, you're really just hanging out with yourself.

Mark: Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Vocals, Mouth Harp, Toy Bongos, Stomping, Clapping
Recorded in: GarageBand
Microphone(s): SM57
When: Summer 2007
Where: Dining room table at 314 W. Elm Street in Kent, Ohio

Alone Together
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