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October 13th 2008 ::: Other than a few missing songs that are too large to upload on the site, the entire Chopping Wood & Carrying Water album is up with liner notes.  Started adding the rest of the songs and added a Past Projects section.  Added a Home Recording section that will have info and links soon.
October 12th 2008 ::: More individual song info added to the Chopping Wood & Carrying Water album (it's going to take a while to do all our songs...).  Some songs are larger than the file limit imposed by this site so I'll have to figure out an alternative hosting site.  Live section added to videos.  More Photos added.  Links and Gear sections added.  Featured song on the homepage will rotate every now and again.  Video of the Eigenharp added to the Exploration section.
October 11th 2008 :::Most of the site is up.  Check out the the SNEEZE PEAKS section for a free demo download.  The Biography has been updated.  The Timeline has been started.  The Inspiration section is where we'll list and link to the bands, books, and artists we're interested in, while the Exploration section is where we'll post interesting videos that aren't ours.  The Tomb Store is where you can preorder our 7"EP (listen here), and check out The Gristleizer.
October 10th 2009
::: Began website construction.