cover art by: Sarah Veres
Chopping Wood & Carrying Water (2008, Amaro Dolce, 2009 Self-Released)

1) Monsters
2) It's All In Your Head
3) Here It Is & There It Goes
4) The Whole Game Is Based on Faith
5) Nobody's Home
6) The Rabid Rabbit Rap
7) Alone Together
8) There's No Mountain Top to Yell It From
9) The Smell of Rain
10) Somehow I Found You
11) Koen E Ikimashyo
12) 314 W. Elm Street
13) The Carolinas
14) It's All In Your Head
15) Weeknights
16) I Have So Many Things to Say to You...But You Already Know, Don't You?
17) This Is What I Thought as I Fell From That Plane Up There
18) You Are Just You Hanging Out With Yourself
19) I Can Tell It's Near
20) It's Strange...
21) Luke's Hymn

CW&CW is King Tut's debut album.  It features 21 songs written over a two year period using mostly acoustic instruments, GarageBand, and Reason.  Most of the songs were each composed in one or two sittings with very little post-production or revision.  The album is dedicated to the book, Be Here Now, by Ram Dass, from which the musical approach, the title, and many of the lyrics were drawn.  Though not explicitly a "concept album," it nonetheless hovers around a larger topics of self-discovery and love.  Many of the songs were written for or about specific friends and loved ones, which is why the album feels so comfortable and inviting.

AP Magazine 3/5 stars.

To learn more about the individual songs just click on their titles.  The entire album is, and has been since its release, free to download.  A link to download the mp3's is provided at the bottom of every song page.