"By far my favourite [of the BBC's Next Big Thing contest]: strange, oddly festive, creepy but uplifting, great use of samples as well as live performance, this is a fantastic, esoteric track."
   Miranda Sawyer, writer for The Observer

"King Tut – fresh, dark and crazy, these guys are going their own way, they have no rules in creating musical lines and arrangement. It seems to me that they play not for popularity, promotion and the rest of such stuff, but only to express their inner world. Maybe I'm wrong, anyway, I like it!"
   Yan Nikolenko, Lead Singer, Oedipus Complex

"The sign on their Myspace says Asheville, North Carolina, but King Tut’s pyrotechnic psychedelia might be more at home in Scandinavia.An understated yet frenetic fusion of acoustic instrumentation and electro beats, Tut are perhaps closer to Sigur Ros or even Aussie improvisationalists Architecture in Helsinki, than American contemporaries ‘Explosions in the Sky’....There’s so much variety here that it’s hard to draw general comparisons, but fans of Mogwai, Broken Social Scene and even Grandaddy should all find something to enjoy."
   Gareth Stack, Analogue Magazine

"King Tut seems to make ambiguity work. Nestled in the nether region between the harsh fluorescent glow inside the club and the crisp autumn air outdoors, the beauty of what King Tut creates becomes apparent. Echoing off the metal doors and into the clear night, the band balances the drone of modern psychedelic music with the more humane vibe of indie rock."
   Jason Bugg, Mountain Xpress


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