16) I have so many things to say to you
...but you already know, don't you?

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I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO SAY TO YOU...BUT YOU ALREADY KNOW, DON'T YOU? - This song was written after an encounter with an amazing band called Within This Forest.  They only released one album and then broke up.  Their thing was going to be that they would "narrate" books they liked, so the first and only album was "The Old Man and the Sea."  If you choose to listen to them, keep in mind that it is two people doing the whole thing live.  I had this experience while listening to it to ask and to tell so many things to the musicians who were a part of it, but there is this ineffable self-referential feeling that album has that says "be still, be quiet, I already know."  This is also the feeling you get when you're with someone you love deeply in either a romantic or platonic way.  It's a crazy, paradoxical feeling of wanting to talk endlessly and share your heart with the other person, while on the other hand knowing that, deep down, it is, and always has been, the same as talking to yourself in the mirror.

Mark: Acoustic guitar, piano
Recorded in: Garageband
When: Summer 2007
Where: Mark's dad's house

I Have So Many Things to Say to You...But You Already Know, Don't You?
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