1) Monsters

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was written in the summer of 2006 at my windowsill/bench in my mom's house.  While at Kenyon College, a friend had gotten me into Michael Hedges and I was amazed by his technique.  This is the first time I recorded a "tapping" part in a song (@1:58).  Recorded using at microphone I had borrowed from ALC-TV (Avon Lake Community Television) where I worked that summer with my friend Alison.  The electric guitar was recorded direct in with GarageBand amp modeling.  Not too long after, Drew overdubbed his drum track.

Mark: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Clapping, Highlighter Drumsticks, Beatboxing
Drew: Drums
Recorded in: Garageband
Microphone(s): SM58, SM57, DI
When: Summer 2006
Where: Mark's bedroom and Drew's basement, Bay Village, Ohio

File Size: 4804 kb
File Type: mp3
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