2) They're all just happening

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You're standing on a bridge watching yourself go by.
(Wow! Look at that!)

Pleasure and pain
and loss and gain
and fame and shame
are all the same:

they're all just happening!

was written in the summer of 2006.  The lyrics are from pages in Ram Dass's Be Here Now.  It is the only song to feature Mark's old middle school trumpet, which was barely working at the time.  Drew overdubbed drums and glockenspiel in his basement. 

Mark: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet, Shaker, Clapping,Highlighter Drumsticks
Drew: Drums, Glockenspiel
Recorded in: GarageBand
Microphone(s): SM58, SM57
When: Summer 2006
Where: Mark's bedroom and Drew's basement, Bay Village, Ohio

They're All Just Happening
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