13) The Carolinas

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I've leaving,
I'm going,

I think I started crying
but I don't know why.

I'm not sad;
you shouldn't be either.

Well, I'm goin' down south where the weather is fine.
I'll sit on a mountain and rest my mind.

I've been waiting for this moment:
we are free at last.
And I won't be going back,
no there's no turning back.

Can't rob a bank and give back;
can't jump a train and look back.
Where is my woman?
When will she come back?

Can't rob a bank and give back;
can't jump a train and look back.

- Having decided to take a year off and leave Kenyon College, I wrote this to be the the song that we'd play on the way on trip down to Asheville.  I hadn't even been there yet, but I was excited to see the mountains.  I was almost too excited to start this new life to be sad about leaving Kenyon and and all my friends there, but it was still a confusing time.  The "woman" in the song is the same person all the other songs are talking about.

Mark: Acoustic guitar, vocals, tapping
Recorded in: Garageband
Microphone(s): SM57
When: Spring 2007
Where: 4th Floor Caples Dormitory, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio

The Carolinas
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