18) You are just you hanging out with yourself

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is a line taken from Ram Dass's Be Here Now.  This is literally saying that what makes you you is that you are here watching yourself be you.  It's also saying that no matter who you're around, you're always just around yourself, because on one level all you can see of the universe is your own interpretation of it, and so when you see someone in the world, you're really just seeing them in your mind.  On another level it also means that everyone is alone because there is only one thing, alone, by itself, in the universe.  If you listen closely at the end, you'll hear my roommate at the time, Owen, walking in on me recording and knocking over a plastic red cup he took from the cafeteria.  The track had echo on it so it echoes as well.

Mark: Acoustic guitar
Drew: Drums
Recorded in: Garageband
When: Spring 2007
Where: Mark's room, 4th Floor Caples Dormitory and the studio at Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio

You Are Just You Hanging Out With Yourself
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