19) I can tell it's near

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Close your eyes, dear,
and hold my hand.

I've got a lot of things to show you,
got a lot of places to go;
got a lot of things to do today,
if we go now then maybe we'll grow.

We couldn't have it all,
so we didn't try at all.
We didn't cry at all;
we no longer died at all!

(we don't stop)

- This song was written for the same person I was in love with during this time.  It was also written to express my frustrations with how close I could feel the great, glowing love and understanding of the universe, but couldn't touch it.  It was always around the next corner.  The "dear" in the lyrics can be me or her, and the speaker can be me or the benevolent universe.  Also, there's a point in everyone's life that they come to when they realize that they can't have everything the way they want it.  Still though, nearly everyone, including myself, often chooses to ignore that fact and continue acting as if we could.  If we stopped acting like that, stopped doing so much and emptied ourselves out to be a place where real, lasting things can happen...well...who knows then?

Mark: Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, vocals
Drew: Drums
Recorded in: Garageband, Logic
When: Spring & Summer 2007
Where: Mark's room, 4th Floor Caples Dormitory and the studio at Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio

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