3) Here it is & there it goes

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Timothy Leary: May we wish you many many joyous rebirths.  And I must say that we love the humor of the bicycle episode.  Good for you; good for you Albert; good for you Michael Horowitz.  If we can't laugh at our great religious discoveries, where are we?

Interviewer: Are you going to kill yourself?
Timothy Leary: Uhh...Yes!


The feeling of this song was meant to emulate the group M83.  The title is referencing the fleeting nature of experiences, whether good or bad, full of insight or boredom.  The bicycle episode is Albert Hoffmann's first LSD trip.


Recorded in: Reason 3.0 by Mark
When: Summer 2006
Where: Mark's Mom's house in Bay Village, Ohio.

Here It Is & There It Goes
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