5) Nobody's home

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Never underestimate yourself;
never second-guess yourself.

We can share a lifetime
we can share a lot of time
we can share a lifetime
but in the end, we're gone again.

(Nothing you do will last!)

Chopping wood and carrying water!

There's nothing to do
there's nothing to say
there's no do-er anyway.

was written at my desk in the 4th floor Caples dormitory at Kenyon College.  It's trying to talk about the confusing but comforting feeling that nothing you do really matters.  Why would it, if nothing will last, if you're going to die, and if there was really no "you" there all along anyway?  Chopping wood and carrying water, a phrase discussed in Ram Dass's Be Here Now, references a realized being living in the world, going through the motions, but with no attachment.

Mark: Acoustic guitar, tapping on toy drums and the desk, stomping
Recorded in: GarageBand
When: Fall 2006
Where: Mark's Room, 4th Floor Caples Dormitory, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio

Nobody's Home
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