6) The rabid rabbit rap

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I was sweeping a stairway

when I found a note that said,
"Thank you God for saving my pet rabbit;
it was rabid."

And I wonder where that little girl is now
and why she took the time to write that note to God.
Did it get all the way up into heaven?
Or did it never get off the ground?

When I found that note I tossed away my broom.
I got on my bike and pedalled all the way home.
Said, "I've gotta write a song about it now,
it's gotta be in a major key
dee dum diddly dee da dum dum da dee dee..."

THE RABID RABBIT RAP - Though I did not actually find the note I'm talking about in this song, I did have a daydream about finding it.  I was out of a job at the beginning of the summer when Drew and I were living in Kent together with our friends Jim and Kurt.  Kurt worked at the art building as a tech-slash-janitor and, as a favor, was giving me some of his hours.  One of the jobs was to sweep out the entire building, which I was doing that day.  Though I didn't just get up and leave, once the inspiration struck I maybe did a half-assed job and then pedaled all the way home.  Like most of the other songs on this album, this one was written in one approximately five hour stretch.  This was the first time I'd lived on my own (not at school), and I'd have these little moments where I'd look around myself and say, "Holy shit this is really happening: this is my own house, this is my own afternoon, I'm totally on my own and just hanging out with my friends.  Am I an adult?"  I think that's where the excitement in this song comes from.

Mark: Acoustic guitar, banjo, rainstick, shakers
Recorded in: GarageBand
Microphone(s): SM57
When: Summer 2007
Where: Kitchen Table at 314 W. Elm Street, Kent, Ohio

The Rabid Rabbit Rap
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